Client Satisfaction

My clients have been extremely satisfied with my work.


I was awarded the ARCO's "Exceptional Employee Award" (plus a cash bonus) three times in recognition of having obtained outstanding project results under especially difficult circumstances on three international projects.


I received an unsolicited e-mail message from an ARCO vice president upon the completion of a difficult international joint venture project which included the following text:

"Please let me say very seriously how much I have enjoyed working with you and how much I appreciate the huge efforts you put forth in being a part of the [project] team efforts over this past year!!! You were a huge part of our success in my opinion. I know we could not have achieved the results we achieved in our negotiations with [the other companies] without your advice and experience.  I could go on and on but probably could never really say what I feel better than just by saying THANK YOU!!!"


I received a copy of an internal memo from a manager evaluating my performance which included the following text regarding a negotiating session with a Chinese company in Beijing:

   "The team from [our U.S. partner] took the lead in the discussions [with the Chinese company] and in my opinion were screwing them up pretty badly.
   "Jim patiently waited for the right opportunity and then quietly put the discussions back on track with clarification of [our joint] position and proposing a range of possible solutions that gave the Chinese flexibility ...
    "Jim's approach was patient, measured, flexible, and clear. It showed clearly the importance of having experience in negotiating with the Chinese . . .
   "I believe Jim basically salvaged the day through his presence and participation."


After moving from Beijing back to the U.S., I received an e-mail message from the head of a Chinese organization to which I had volunteered much of my time while living there. The message included the following:

"I have often reflected on the important work you have done . . . .
"You have made a substantial contribution  . . . and were always rock solid reliable.
"I think I have been remiss in not writing to you sooner to thank you for your countless hours of selfless service."